I became a stylist out of curiosity and keep that alive by continually pushing my craft to a new level.


Growing up in the sleepy mountain town of Prescott, Arizona I thought that I needed to have a certain type of career to live a successful life. Accounting, graphic design, nothing was fitting until I walked into this world of hair on a whim. I enrolled that day, leaving college behind and discovered that even though I am a relentlessly structured person, I crave a decent amount of creativity and flexibility.  Twenty-five years later I spend my time educating myself on both the artistic and business aspects of this beautiful industry.  Oddly enough I have found the hair to be secondary, I love to see people soar, and a great color can make you feel like you can take on anything.


Over the years I have taken on plenty! A tiny peanut of a preemie daughter in 2000, being a mom, wife and even a USA Swim official. Who knew that last one was even a thing? Thanks to my brilliant daughter I have adopted some of the oddest hobbies- Fandoms, Comic-Con.  Yes, you read that. Tiny dogs (I swore I would never!)  These have all reinforced my belief that everything is an evolution and your style should be too. I pride myself on always pushing my skills to find what will make my clients feel their best.


My current clients love the in-depth consultations with every visit and the fantastic finished looks almost as much as the genuinely decadent shampoo experience.  

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